English 1819T- Assignments, Due-Dates and Guidelines


Instructor: Patrick Dawson M.A.
Contact Information:  email -  dawsonp@algonquincollege.com
Woodroffe Campus office - B312C    tel: 727-4723 (extension 5710)



Recommended Texts:
My webpage:  http://www.algonquinhosting.ca/~dawsonp/  

Perelman, Leslie C. et al. The Mayfield Handbook of Scientific and Technical Writing. Toronto: Mayfield, 1998  [available for reference free online]


The course is generally broken down into two components: written and oral. The written component is worth 75% of the term mark, and the oral component is worth 25% .  The official copy of the college outline for this course is available on Blackboard in the course documents folder.

NOTE:   You must successfully complete BOTH the oral and the written components to pass the course.  All written assignments must be completed and submitted to obtain credit for the course


Written Assignments   (must be word processed, double spaced, stapled and properly identified)

 Other Resources



   Topic Proposal (necessary to obtain approval of your topic)

Annotated Bibliography


Week 3

Referencing Sources IEEE

   Introduction Guide                    Criteria Elaboration                                          

Report format guide


Week 6


Analysis chapter guide

   Draft report (consultation)


Week 9-11

   Formal Report

Assessment sheet


Week 13

   Presentation Board (visual support)


Week 12

   Participation (active in peer review, presentations, class discussions, asking questions)



Oral Assignments

   Topic proposal presentation


Week 4

   Presentation fair


Weeks 13-15




Students are expected to be familiar with the rules and regulations contained in College Directive AA20 governing plagiarism - - a serious academic offence that will not be tolerated at this level of education.  Students found guilty of plagiarism will face failure of the assignment or failure of the entire course, or academic suspension.


Guides to successfully completing this course

Peer Review

      • Assignments must be submitted to someone in the class for peer review before submitting them to me. This person is responsible for providing basic feedback on errors or areas for improvement in your assignment.  You are to revise your assignment in light of the feedback provided and submit it, and the draft copy, with the reviewer's signature on it, to me on the due-date. Staple the draft to the back of the good assignment - always put the most recent copy on top.

Due Dates

      • Due-dates are NOT vague suggestions and, unless negotiated well in advance, they are firm. Assignments handed in late will be penalised at the rate of 10% per day - weekends included. You can, however, e-mail them to me anytime to stop the clock - but I evaluate that version when you hand it in to me in class, not one you work on after electronic submission.  All assignments submitted electronically must be submitted in hard-copy by the beginning of the following class unless otherwise stipulated (eg: if it was supposed to be submitted electronically as a part of the assignment). Assignments are due at the beginning of the last class of the week and a penalty of 10% is applied ten minutes after class is scheduled to begin.  All assignments submitted electronically must have the course number, section number, assignment reference, and student's last name included in the subject line.

Late Assignments

      • Any person or group not ready to present their oral assignment on the prearranged date will be awarded an F.  I can be reasonable but last minute excuses will not be given much credence. If you fail an oral presentation you may re-present it in order to bring your mark up to a pass (maximum grade of 50% of assignment value).
      • Doctor's certificates (or death certificates) will be required to excuse absences affecting timely assignment submission without penalty.

Rewriting Assignments

      • I will allow you to rewrite any paper once after I mark it (except the final report, the semester is over at that point) in order to improve your grade to a maximum of 10% of the value of the assignment  provided:
          • it was submitted on time, and 
          • is resubmitted within one week of its return (class receipt, not individual receipt - ie: the day I return the assignment to the class, whether you are there or not). 


      • Class attendance is mandatory, and is recorded, during oral presentations (an audience IS necessary for this assignment to be successful). Those not present at oral presentations will have 10% deducted from their own presentation for each instance of absence.




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